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Guided imagery consists of spoken words and phrases -- sometimes accompanied by gentle sound effects or relaxing music -- designed to elicit a response in your mind and body. Guided imagery is especially effective as a relaxation technique, and this safe and natural mind-body technology forms the basis for Joel Levey's Self-Guided Relaxation and Self-Guided Sleep CDs.

The ability of your mind and body to be influenced by verbal suggestion and audio imagery is a principle that you can use to your own advantage. All of the suggestions presented on these programs are of a positive and healthful nature.

For best results, listen in a relaxed, alert, non-judgmental way. Listen for the meaning or the feeling behind the words. Simply allow your body to respond. On these CD programs, there are no subliminal messages ... just a simple, straightforward presentation of images and ideas to help you achieve dynamic relaxation.

These sessions use phrases that in many cases have been clinically proven to promote relaxing and beneficial effects in the body. Your body will respond more to the feelings you associate with the words than to the words themselves.

Guided Imagery Exercises

Everyone can use guided imagery.

As you listen to the audio suggestions on a Self-Guided CD, simply allow your mind and body to respond to the mental images that you generate.

Trust in the natural power of your mind to effortlessly provide you with mental images that will deepen your experience of relaxation.

"I have always had a fear of doctor's offices and usually get highly stressed out whenever I have to visit one. The first time I had a doctor's appointment after I bought the CD, I was amazed to find that the words and images of relaxation automatically repeated in my head, calming and soothing my mind to the point that I experienced none of my usual reaction!" Devin B, College Student

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