Concentration Techniques

Being able to focus your mind and keep your attention directed is really the foundation of every kind of mental training. Thatís why we are so delighted to be bringing these concentration techniques to you.

Woman Concentrating

We have distilled the essence of over two millennia of inner science teachings and technology along with the latest in mind/body and brain research.

As you read through this section and practice the concentration techniques, youíll learn to think more clearly, in a whole systems perspective.

Youíll enhance your ability to stay focused ďon target,Ē and to find a dynamic balance of flow and flexibility in your daily life.

Here’s an exercise you can do virtually any time or anywhere to improve your concentration and focused attention.

The practice of concentration enables us to accelerate our growth and learning because it provides us with direct access to knowing and understanding. Developing concentration is similar to developing physical strength -- with patient, persistent practice the following techniques will increase the strength and duration of your attention.

These mind fitness skills are truly basic training, vital for everyone. The improved concentration they help you develop will positively impact the quality of your life and work as long as you continue to practice the skills.

So welcome to the adventure of concentration techniques! We certainly enjoyed preparing the guide and clearing the trail. Now itís up to you to explore the territory and enjoy your expanded frontiers of self mastery. By practicing the focus and concentration that youíre about to learn, you can gain the power to access the focused mind state whenever you wish.

Here are the five most important points to keep in mind as you develop your concentration. Use this list as a guide for successfully integrating the focused mind state into your daily life:

  • Emphasize quality, not quantity, of training time. Take breaks while your concentration is still good. This will leave you looking forward to continuing.
  • Practice regularly. Your mind is like your body: by working out several times a day for short periods you’ll see better results than by practicing once a month.
  • Initially, practice focusing your attention on objects or activities that you find beautiful or interesting. You can then build the power to transfer your attention to things that are less immediately appealing.
  • Be mindful throughout the day by directing focused attention toward your ordinary activities. Then, when you choose to really zoom in and focus on something, your mind will already be calm, collected and prepared to produce optimal results.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember to smile and enjoy your “mind fitness” training. Build your power of concentration while doing the things you love to do. Enjoying your practice is an essential ingredient that will enhance your abilities and speed your progress.

As youíve seen, practicing concentration techniques requires a dynamic balancing of many qualities of mind. On the one hand, itís like a bulldog sinking its teeth into an object and tenaciously holding on -- yet itís also a fact that, with too much pressure, the mind will tire and soon lose its grip.

We'd like to offer you a series of practical, highly effective concentration exercises to help you develop your powers of concentration and achieve laser-sharp focus in your thinking. The simplest and most direct method for developing mental stability and concentration skills is to focus upon one's own breath.

So optimum concentration is probably more like holding a delicate bird or butterfly in your palm. Developing strong concentration skills can be a challenging endeavor, so we'd like to offer some concentration tips that will help you get the most out of your practice.

The complex relationship between stress and concentration can be helped by some basic relaxation strategies that will help you maximize your concentration by releasing stress. One great way to enhance your powers of concentration is to regularly practice concentration meditation.

If you practice these methods, you are certain to realize the power of concentration techniques. In this way, youíll enhance the quality of your own life and the lives of all you meet.

[Adapted from the booklet "Awareness Training: Exercises for Mindful Attention" by Joel and Michelle Levey]

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