Healing Meditation: Dissolving Pain

This healing meditation is an excellent technique for dissolving both physical and emotional pain:

As you exhale, allow the energy or feeling of the pain to open out and dissolve into space. As the energy vibration of the pain expands, sense or vividly imagine feeling a healing echo of energy-vibration pouring into you from the energy-ocean surrounding you.

Feel this healing wave flowing into you and dissolving into the region of the pain.

For example,when you experience a sense of burning, allow that feeling to expand while simultaneously a cool, soothing energy is drawn back into you.

If you are feeling agitated, allow that feeling to open, expand, and dissipate while at the same time you feel deep peace pouring into you, flooding you completely with well-being. Allow yourself to receive from the universe-at-large whatever you most need at this time.

Breathing out, give yourself permission to let go of the knots of tension that block your body, fog your mind, and close your heart. Let everything within you open into harmony. Allow the breath to naturally and effortlessly bathe your tissues in oxygen and light that dissolves the tension or pain.

Allow the waves of breath to fill you with the love, courage, and strength you need to let go of tension, to let go of fear, to release doubt or anger, and to rest in your own wholeness.

Breathing and receiving what you need ... releasing the old limitations ... resting in wholeness ... tune into whatever frequency of positive healing qualities that you need at this time...

[Adapted from the book "Luminous Mind" by Joel & Michelle Levey]

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