Learning Dynamic Relaxation
by Joel Levey

You may wonder how long it takes to learn dynamic relaxation. Like any new skill that you might choose to learn, this is a matter of personal commitment and practice.

For best results, I recommend that you listen to at least one relaxation session each day. Since you can program my Self-Guided Relaxation CD for a long or a short session, you will probably be able to fit this into your day without any trouble.

The key to success is to practice between your sessions with the CD. Use those often wasted moments such as when you are waiting for an elevator, or on hold on the telephone, or at a stop light, to pause, to scan through your body, to breathe deeply, and come to balance.

As you take the ideas and methods you find most helpful and integrate them into your life, you may notice that you begin to discard old habits such as furrowing your brow, clenching your jaw or fists, or holding your breath, and in doing so you begin to have more energy available.

One who practices the fine art of relaxation has learned to frequently scan for signs of accumulating stress and tension.

As you become familiar with where your habitual "tension hot spots" are, it will be easier to pay particular attention to the warning signs and whispers of accumulating tension rather than waiting for the agonizing pain hours later.

Gradually, you'll learn to practice these techniques before you feel the need to relax.

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