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Self-Guided CDs

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There are numerous ways that you can use the Relaxation CD and the Sleep CD to relieve stress and achieve greater well-being. Here's how satisfied customers have told us they like to use these CDs:

1. Take a quick 5-minute relaxation break at work. It's very convenient to pop the Relaxation CD into your CD player or computer and listen to one or two favorite tracks to help you stay relaxed at work. (The Relaxation CD has 23 different relaxation techniques -- each on its own separate track.)

2. Play the Sleep CD to guide yourself into a deep and restful sleep at bedtime.

3. Play the Relaxation CD to prepare for an upcoming stressful event, such as a visit to the doctor, a meeting with the boss, or an exam or test in school.

4. Relax at the end of a work day on your way home on the bus or train.

NOTE: Do not play the Relaxation CD or Sleep CD when driving a vehicle.

5. Experience a deep relaxation session when you have 20 minutes or more of time by yourself to listen to the Relaxation CD.

6. Take a rejuvenating 30-minute nap with track 1 on the Sleep CD.

7. Repeat track 23 on the Relaxation CD for a simple breath meditation.

8. Use the Relaxation CD to cool down and center yourself after a physical exercise workout.

9. Listen to the "Creativity" Self-Guided® programmed sequence on the Relaxation CD to inspire your thought process for working on a project.

10. Listen to tracks 26, 27, & 28 on the Relaxation CD to establish a heart-to-heart connection with yourself, your loved ones, and the world at large.

There are dozens of different ways you can use these versatile Self-Guided® CDs to relax and rediscover your calm, peaceful center.

"The suggestions and guides are beautifully written and spoken in a direct, straightforward manner. The project was obviously well thought out and produced, because each segment blends seamlessly into any other, both in content and sound. As a result, I can program a meditation session that lasts from five to forty-five minutes, hit the play button, and totally immerse myself in the experience. The more I listen to the CD, the more I appreciate the effort that went into its making. It is obviously a superior product." - Karen J., Montana

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"I was sitting here at my computer at work, feeling tense and stressed, so I decided to listen to just one track from the CD. Right away I noticed my breathing became smoother, and I quickly felt more relaxed." -- Steve M., Washington

"The disc is wonderful."
Richard L., California

"Thanks for an excellent relaxation CD. It's been great to have it and I am getting another copy for my office, plus two for friends."
- Martin H., California

Dr. Joel Levey

About Dr. Joel Levey

"As more people achieve some degree of mental calm, insight, or the ability to transform negative emotions into positive ones, there will be a natural reinforcement of basic human values and consequently a greater chance for peace and happiness for all."
-- The Dalai Lama of Tibet

from the Foreword to
Living in Balance
Joel Levey & Michelle Levey
(Conari, 1998)

Media Reviews

"This is an exceptional disc in terms of digital sound quality, the variety and scope of the spoken text, and the adaptability of the program. It works."
- Body Mind Spirit Magazine

"The production quality is excellent."
- New Age Journal

"I'm a skeptic...but the bottom line is, this works."
- Tower Records PULSE!

" is adaptable to virtually anyone's needs and schedule."
- Digital Audio & Compact Disc Review