Heart Meditation

This heart meditation is an excellent way to extend love to someone you care for very deeply.

Imagine in the space in front of you someone toward whom you feel much tenderness, friendship, love, or compassionate concern. This might evoke an image of a loved one, a close friend, even a pet. As vividly as possible, imagine the presence of this person in the space before you -- either seeing them in your mind's eye or simply imagining them there before you now. Allow yourself to get in touch with the genuine sense of love and care that you feel for this being.

Now begin to focus on this person's heart -- not the physical organ that pumps blood, but that center of feeling and love at the "heart" of each person. Reach out now -- actually raising your arms and reaching out with your hands -- and imagine cradling in your hands this person's place of deepest feeling, really touching their heart. Imagine that as you breathe in, a feeling of love and care wells up within you and fills your own heart.

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Heart Meditation, continued:

As you exhale, this wellspring of love within you -- visualized as streams of light or energy -- flows from your heart out through your arms and hands and pours gently into this person's heart. Reach out now from your heart. In a deep and silent way, offer this love and care, and imagine that it is being received by your loved one or friend in the way he or she most needs at this time.

Now, as you continue this heart meditation, imagine that this person reaches back to touch your heart. Imagine your eyes meeting in recognition and appreciation and understanding. Imagine seeing each other with total love and forgiveness. Let any memories that block your hearts be dissolved and healed in the joy of this heart-to-heart meeting. Imagine looking deeply into one another's eyes with heartfelt love and respect and understanding. Feel the satisfaction and the intimacy of this flow between you.

Now, focus your attention on the image of your loved one or friend. Imagine the image of this person condensing into a small bright sphere of light that you tenderly hold in your hands.

As you breathe, gently place this luminous sphere in the center of your own heart. Imagine it shining brightly, like a gently glowing sun that shines with a light of love and peacefulness, dispelling any darkness within or around you.

Now, as you begin to draw close to the end of this heart meditation, with both of your hands reach up and touch your own heart. As you breathe, imagine filling your heart with feelings of love directed toward yourself. Imagine what it is like to be here fully for yourself with the same love and care that you offer to others.

Understanding that it is difficult to receive the love and care of others if you are unable to give love even to yourself, breathe it in now. Feel the sense of genuine love for yourself well up within your entire being. Use the natural cycles of the breath to circulate this feeling of love, moving from your heart out through your arms and hands and back into your heart again. Feel what it's really like to be here for yourself.

When you are done with this heart meditation, take a moment to appreciate how the inner changes you're making within yourself are touching the world in wonderful ways.

[Adapted from the book "Luminous Mind" by Joel & Michelle Levey]

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