Guided Imagery for Relaxation and Stress Management

Guided imagery consists of spoken words and phrases, sound effects, and music designed to elicit a response in your mind and body.

It is especially effective as a relaxation technique, and this safe and natural mind-body technology forms the basis for Joel Levey's Self-Guided Relaxation and other related CD's.

Young woman lying on grass listening to guided imagery on headphones This section contains several articles that explain how you can use guided imagery for your own practical benefit.

The techniques on Self-Guided CD's will help you breathe easier ... release tight muscles ... reduce anxiety ... and rediscover your calm, peaceful center.


The following articles will provide you with an overview of guided imagery and how it can help you better manage stress in your life:

The Relaxation Response
Learn about this natural mind/body response that is an alternative to a chronic state of distress.

Learning Dynamic Relaxation

Joel Levey gives some tips on how to use his Self-Guided Relaxation CD to learn and practice dynamic relaxation.

How Guided Imagery Works

This page explains how your mind and body respond to spoken-word guided imagery.

Using the Power of the Breath

Learn about the direct relationship between your state of mind and your patterns of breathing.

Self-Guided CDs

Learn about this simple yet profound advance in the technology of self-help audio products.

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