Self-Guided CDs

The Self-Guided Compact Disc is a simple yet profound advance in the technology of self-help audio products.

With the popularization of the audio cassette tape -- first introduced in the 1960's -- many self-help authors and experts have used tapes to distribute guided imagery audio programs on hundreds of topics.

Self-help guided imagery tapes have helped millions of people improve many aspects of their lives.

Yet cassette tapes have some inherent limitations:

* It's a hassle to rewind or fast-forward a tape so that you can replay a favorite segment. * You are also restricted to listening to the program in the same order every time you use a tape. * And because most programs run for 30 minutes or more to fill up one side of the tape, it's often hard to find the time to listen.

Self-Guided Relaxation CD -- Convenient and Versatile

The Self-Guided Compact Disc utilizes an arrangement of audio tracks that overcomes these limitations and gives you three convenient ways to use guided imagery content. For example, you can use the Self-Guided Relaxation CD by Joel Levey in these ways:

20-Minute Sessions -- This CD has three full sessions (about 20 minutes long), each with its own beginning, middle, and ending tracks. You can play these straight through, beginning from track 5, 14, or 23. These include:

* Internal Awareness and Calming Affirmations (tracks 5-13, 18:17) * Body Energy and Revitalization (tracks 14-22, 17:41) * Inner Harmony and Heart Connection (tracks 23-30, 20:00)

Quick Relaxation Break -- This CD also makes it easy to play a favorite track for a "5-minute relaxation break." Many of the tracks on the CD are designed to work this way.

Self-Guided Session -- You can program your CD player to create your own relaxation session. Choose the beginning, middle, and ending tracks for your desired purpose and the length of session. Use the Track Details and Programming Suggestions printed in the booklet that comes with the CD to guide you on your personal journey to well-being.

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